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Benguela’s Super Group ESG Engagement by Benguela Research Team

Benguela’s Super Group ESG Engagement by Benguela Research Team

As per the proverbial saying “garbage in garbage out”, quality information is the cornerstone of fundamental investment analysis. Quality information may have numerous characteristics, but accuracy, reliability, consistency, relevance, comparability and timeliness are a few that are vital. While global accounting standards have provided some degree of consistency and comparability across financial data, currently there are no local or global ESG disclosure requirements. This forces us, as investment analysts, to remain ever more vigilant when utilising ESG data in our analyses.

In line with our guiding principle of maximising informational advantage through long-term focus and in-house research, our in-depth research process inherently includes the validation of key data points in our analysis by way of peer and industry comparisons. The importance of data quality checking was highlighted during our recent research of Super Group Limited.

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